Released: 2015

This is Romeo’s Daughter’s fourth, eagerly awaited, album and is recorded by the band and produced by Craig Joiner and Ed Poole. Whilst maintaining the classic Romeo’s Daughter sound, this album has a slightly darker, heavier feel which is also reflected in the lyrical content.

Release date 20th April 2015

  1. Touch
  2. Already Gone
  3. Love Will Come
  4. Enemy
  5. Didn't See You Coming
  6. Radio
  7. Tonight
  8. All because Of You
  9. Perfect Plan
  10. Tall Buildings

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Within the body of a woman
Lies the heart of a man
It's a feat of engineering, you could never understand
So tell me all your secrets and I'll tell you all my lies

I've been walking with the angels
I've been talking in my sleep
An electric conversation, pins and needles in my feet
It's a good old fascination, with a twisted combination

Oh oh, oh oh, we can catch the lightning
Oh oh, oh oh, it's the perfect crime

Why, oh why does it hurt so bad when we touch too much
Why, oh why does it feel so good when we touch too much

You can follow every instinct
You can fight the best you can
It's not easy when you're dancing holding someone else's hand
I've got nothing more to tell you I’ve got nothing more to say

Chorus x 2
Already Gone

I’ve been looking at you photograph
Wondering how long it’s going to last
It’s dragging me down
Well the time has come to realise
With you I cannot fantasise
It’s a tragedy but I figured it out

‘Cause I’m already, already gone
‘Cause I’m already, already gone

I’ve been thinking ‘bout those things you said
Been rolling round inside my head
‘Till it’s black and blue
But I’m coming around
And it’s understood my lesson learned
Never judge what makes you burn
It’s a tragedy but I figured it out

‘Cause I’m already, already gone
‘Cause my mind’s made up, I’m heading out, I’m gone
‘Cause I’m already, already gone

We cannot talk it over; this thing’s just getting colder
I cannot make love to ya, with one eye over my shoulder

Love Will Come

I’ve been here thinking for hours
Something I lost but can’t find
It’s all in light of the moments, we both left behind

Don’t care too much for the heartache
Don’t want to end up alone
I could have taken the wrong way and not found my way home

We’ve come so far, we’ve pushed so hard
But it’s more than I’m willing to take
‘Cause when it comes to the rub, there’s no-one can stop us

Love, love will come to those that wait
Hearts will bend to those that break
Peace will find a better place
And love will come to those that wait

Takes two to make a decision
With something stronger in mind
Still bearing scars from the lovers
We both left behind
Now there’s no one can stop us

Chorus x 3

Headlong into paradise
It's what the ticket said, what I thought I'd get
It started out as a paper cut, nothing you could see
Then it opened up

Why tell me there's nothing wrong
When I know where you've been, I know what you've done
We should always be making love instead of arguing
Instead of putting up

I only wanted love, I didn't want a war
I'm not the enemy, I'm not the enemy
A time for everything, a time to let it go
Another lesson learned, another lesson learned

All hail the medicine
That will ease the pain, get you back again
Go round a mile or more, take an inch or two
See how far it goes

I could never want anymore, than the love we had
Than the time we shared
If this love was a hit and run, we'd be on our way to the setting sun


We could be anything we wanted us to be
We could be young and wild and free hey, hey, hey

Good love can make you sweat
Find the perfect one, not be on the run
Tick-tock go the hands of time
I've got better things, I could do with mine

Chorus X 2
Didn’t see it coming

Made a wish, caught the star
You have had to come so far
Shine a light, on your face
Full of joy and full of grace
Feeling strong, won’t back down
Gonna make this work somehow
Always felt on my own

And I didn’t see it coming
I didn’t see you coming
As I hit the ground running
I didn’t see you coming

Out of breath, fall in line
Out of sight and out of mind
Don’t need much I’ve been told
Don’t need two to make a home
I can tell, wrong from right
Won’t give up without a fight
But all this stuff, I don’t know

‘Cos I didn’t see it coming
‘Cos I didn’t see you coming
As I hit the ground running
I didn’t see you coming

And I, need you now
And I, want you now forever more

Here we are, at the end
Found a lover, found a friend
It’s like I’ve known you all my life


Love is a radio
All my favourite songs and you
Time, I just lose myself
In every single thing, that I do
Live, so you're wide awake
Till it starts to shake your bones
Hold, everything that's dear
Close to your heart

So give me guitars, light and sound
Give me a song and I'll sing it out loud
Hold out your hands and take a bow
Hold out your hands

Wait, take a deeper breath
Take as hard a test as you can
Life will fill up inside
Till it moves your soul


All of my dreams rolled into one
I live for my day, a day in the sun

Chorus X 2

Take the pain or lose yourself again
Anywhere you are
Here’s a chance for you to find your place
Anywhere you are

On your way and don’t be late again
Better watch what you’re saying
Look above and see yourself again
Anywhere is better

Tonight, tonight it’s about you and I, you and I
Tonight, tonight, it’s just like paradise

On your knees, they’re there for you to pray
Everywhere you are
Ever see a bird fly into space
No one wants to forget her


Drowning in your favourite dream
It’s all a scream to me
Jump into my fairy tale and fly

I can see it in your eyes
You’re fading fast, nothing else is better

Chorus x 3
All Because of You

Can’t wait ‘till day break
To get you out of my head
I’ve been awake for hours
After all that you said

I’ve been walking on egg shells
I should’ve swallowed my pride
A little voice in my head said
It’s gonna be alright

I always knew my conscience
Would keep me on the right track
You know I’ve been here before babe
I know how to fight back

It’s all because of you
That I’m fighting with myself
I wanna make a life with you
I want you and no one else
And I’m falling at your feet
Why don’t you come and rescue me

I’ve got it clear in my mind
I’ve been thinking it through
I’m gonna take a piece of me babe
I’m gonna share it with you

I won’t sit on the sidelines
Sometimes you gotta get tough
I won’t settle for less
You know it’s never enough


Can’t wait till daybreak
And all the plans that we made
I can’t wait for this life
Somethings are better off said

Perfect plan

I'm gonna work it through
Figure out what I 'm gonna do
I'm just a single girl with everything and nothing to lose

Oh baby what you gonna do at night
Without somebody there to hold you tight

Perfect plan, throwing out my nets to catch a perfect man
Perfect man, you know I'm gonna get you with my perfect plan

I'm gonna fire it up
Aim it straight, right through your heart
There ain't no cure for me, set to go ready to start

How am I ever gonna sleep at night
Without your loving arms to hold me tight


How am I ever gonna sleep at night
Without your loving arms to hold me tight

Tall Buildings

All I want is too much and
too much is never enough
And never enough is all I want
And all I want is all I can get

We like it our own way
Our own way’s the best way
The best way is all around you
The world is all around you
And I want mine

So high I'm out of sight
Tall buildings that we climb
So bright it hurts my eyes
Why won't you let us shine?

Oh oh, oh oh tall buildings that we climb
Oh oh, oh oh tall buildings that we climb

To make love is making a life
A life is all that you love
All you love is all around you
The world is all around you
As life goes by

Chorus x 3