Rapture Tour 2013 Report

Rapture Tour 2013 Setlist

Trippin’ Out
Keep walking
Perfect plan
Talking Love
Dancing slow
Velvet tongue
Cannot be the one
Stay with me
Will be
Inside Out
Cry myself

Wild child

Paul Hobbs: I have travelled many times recently to see you,I even took my other half with me to see you at Camden and it was probably the best gig I've seen you do not only musically but vocally too! You always have time to see your fans either before or after you perform which is so lovely and it was great to mention fans that had travelled as far as Japan to see you! Will Be and Stay With Me Tonight were superb,but all the songs you did are great.The gig was so good we had to go to Birmingham on the Sunday as it was your last gig of this tour.Birmingham was a tiny venue and very different to Camden.You didn't disappoint that evening,the gig was such a lot of fun and so very enjoyable.Can't wait for the new album and another tour next year!

Julian Thomson: “Once again you rocked Railway Venue Bolton. I & the audience were certainly Trippin’ Out on you as you messed with our collective senses. A special mention to Dante Fox too. You both left us in Raptures.

Paul Chesworth: “My first ever FM gig became a huge bonus as it was RD supporting them on the Tough It Out Tour (Liverpool). Me n Mrs Chesy were immediately sold. That gig was notable as our Mini Clubman (estate!) broke down on the way there. Also seeing RD last week in Derby, my car broke down before I could even leave. Fate? I should bloody well think so! The absolute highlight for me was the addition of 'Hymn' from the debut. It’s our wedding song and even though it wasn’t just for me, it bloody well felt like it! Even a sneaky little tear was shed! The recent few years have seen RD become friends and there’s not many bands that would do that. They truly are special, and I'm very proud to be a fan of them and their wonderful music. Long may you continue x

Kathryn Thompson: “A brilliant night at the Yardbirds, Grimsby. My favourite song which means so much to me had me in tears. Never heard it live and it touched me so much. You are all fantastic people and a credit to yourselves and your fans. Best night I have had in a long time and the only band that reaches my emotions to the extreme. I got a little upset I couldn’t make Derby. Again fantastic guys, can’t wait for your next tour xx Kat”

Galen Alden: “Having seen you many times dating back to the early days at The Marquee, I can honestly say the shows get better and better each tour. You clearly love what you do and we, the fans, love you doing it! Highlights for me of my 2 shows ... "Inside Out" in Derby (awesome crowd participation) and Leigh detailing the travelling fans in London to include Japan and High Wycombe!!! Normally I'm the only Wycombe boy travelling anywhere!!!"

Matt Ball: “Derby was a fantastic show with flawless delivery of the songs and it was absolute pleasure to watch the band perform with their warm engaging style that draws the audience into the music. Birmingham for me was even better with great performances from the band making the most of being together on the last night of the tour. Wild Child, Heaven in the Backseat are always favourites live, with Hymn and Will Be really charging up the atmosphere with haunting melodies and beautiful delivery. Dante Fox put on a cracking show as well, especially at the O2."

Dan Richardson: “20 years since the Borderline gig and I saw you on Birmingham. I had a nice chat with Craig about the beautiful tone from his acoustic. That guitar on "Will Be" was stunning. You could have heard a pin drop. That said, after a huge build up to a song; "one, two, three, fo... “Craig pipes up… "Hang on, got the wrong guitar plugged in!" Great to see you all and the build up to the tour on FB and Twitter had been fun. Your loyal fans will do everything to make sure the next tour has more faces in the audience. Many thanks x”

Nicholas Torrano Harling: “Great gig at Rrailway Venue. Best song; Cannot be the one, but, Keep Walking live was fantastic! I've never seen you live before but I could tell even without personally meeting you that you are all for your fans. Very few bands are that connected to their fans. Xx”

Simon Clapham: "For myself, this tour was like coming full circle after all these years. Like many, I first saw Romeos Daughter opening for FM. About 11 months later I saw them again in the same venue (Mansfield leisure centre) only this time it was their own headline show. I confess, I was a little naughty & sneaked in a video camera & I filmed it very badly (more heads than stage shots haha) but it was a nice momento. Around the same time the Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio1 broadcast a couple of RD live sets. To this day I still play them regularly.

Jumping forward a few years I went to "Firefest" in 2009. The highlight, in fact the main reason I went, was Romeos Daughters set. It was just sooo damn good This year there was a new indoor mini festival "HRAOR" in Rotherham where I noticed RD would be playing. Fancied going but I thought the tickets were a bit expensive, so decided to pass. Then I got lucky and won free tickets Again it was a great show. But it wasn't long enough, so I was on the lookout for headline dates.

When I saw they were playing Yardbirds, it was a no brainer. I love that little venue, always has a nice vibe going in the place. But once wouldn't be enough, so decided to go to Derby as well. The turnout at Yardbirds was pretty reasonable & everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Mention must also be made of Dante Fox; what a great opening act they were (I'd enjoyed their set at HRAOR so their addition to the tour was a great bonus for me). RD’s set was everything I’d hoped for & more. The inclusion of "Dancing Slow" was a fantastic surprise. I’d decided I’d hang around to try and meet the band as I had a little present for them.

Now there’s a phrase that goes something like "Never meet your idols, as you'll only end up disappointed” (Yes, I have met a couple of "stars" over the years who were absolute prima donnas!) but I just had the feeling that RD would be very down to earth. I was right, I first spoke with Ed & he was very open & talkative to this guy he'd just met. How would he react when I mentioned the "present”? (A DVD copy of that Mansfield film) Ah, he couldn't have been better! He didn't have any attitude of "You shouldn't have done that" etc. (Yeah I KNOW I shouldn't have, but, you know lol) He was very gracious & seemed genuinely interested. As it turns out, very little was filmed back in the day except for a few private band filmed movies etc. (remember, video cameras were still a new thing back in the late 80s, so not many people even had them). I Had a real nice chat with Ed about RD etc.adn then I had a brief chat with Craig too & he seemed to be pleased about the film as well.

Eventually it was time to leave, when we saw Leigh so I said thanks for the gig etc. As I walked away, she asked "Have we seen you somewhere before?" I told her I was at the "Sheffield thing" (I of course was referring to Rotherham...well it's close) A few days later, it was off to Derby.
Never been to the venue before, but, it was a very nice old building. Cool thing about tonight was they were filming the show! I'd had a request to film a clip myself, but as it was being officially filmed I thought it best I check with the band if it was ok (strange how I have a different outlook to those things nowadays ) Quick msg to Ed & he confirmed my suspicions that I shouldn't do it- sorry @Kathryn Thompson . We then later bumped into Ed in the bar & further talked about that amongst other things. Eventually went in for the last few songs of Dante Fox & as ever, it was quality. Got chatting to some guys who live not far from me- always nice to meet "new" people at gigs & with the wonders of the internet (Facebook lol) can keep in touch . Was very pleased when the guy on stage asked everyone to move down the front -seats just wouldn't have worked.

Luckily being on 2nd row, I soon jumped over to be near the front. Quite funny though how the camera guy had been all set up & once we moved he had to relocate haha. From start to finish it was a very solid show. I dunno how nervous they were about the filming, but, they certainly didn't show it if they were. Personal highlights of the show were "Inside Out" with great audience interaction, "Dancing Slow" as for many fans that was an unexpected song in the set (@Mark Griffin, your face was a picture) Then seeing how much my friend enjoyed the show: she'd never heard RD before that night but absolutely loved it. I think the icing on the cake for her was afterwards when Leigh said she had noticed her dancing down the front. So, yeah, a couple of great nights out & I look forward to the next time.....& the DVD release!"

Dave Crompton: Romeo's Daughter - The Railway Venue, Bromley Cross, Bolton
As I had spent most, if not all of the 80's serving with the Army in Germany, it wasn't until Firefest 2009 that I first became aware of the band. That performance and the reaction from the welcoming crowd ignited a spark inside me. I immediately obtained their much lamented self-titled debut album and their sophomore offering Delectable. The music on offer has always been driven by finely crafted melodic rock songs, with elements of pop and country weaved into their sonic tapestry. Not only was this a perfect combination for me, but Mrs C really enjoyed it too!!!

Since Firefest 2009 I have seen the band four times now, and I was lucky to chat with them at HRH AOR in Rotherham ... AND witnessed two gigs at my local venue in Bolton, The Railway. Seeing the band in intimate surroundings such as The Railway proved to myself and many others that Romeo's Daughter had no airs and graces, no egos, and whether they were playing in front of 1,000 people or 100 ... they would give it their all!! The first gig at The Railway was special, but this latest visit was first class and will stay in my memory for ever!!

I'm not going to write a bona fide gig review here, but what I will say is the set list was faultless ( they even managed to play Keep Walking for some local stalker called .... erm .... Dave!! ). A perfect combination of old and new/raunchy and romantic. I'm not going to single out any particular band member, as each of them played their part and appeared to be loving every minute ... as we were !!!

I'd just like to finish by saying, on behalf of Sue and I, thank you SO much for coming into our lives, and giving us such wonderful songs to enjoy and sing along to wherever we are. Not only is your music amazing, but you are lovely people too.

Long may you continue!!

Dave & Sue Crompton