Romeo's Daughter & FM tour - thank you

Wow, what an absolutely fab tour we've had, thank you so much to FM official, all the crew/family and friends (there's too many to mention) but most importantly YOU who continue to support us!

We just wanted to share with you our personal thoughts on what was an amazing week…

“I can honestly say that this tour has been a major high light in my life so far! From the first to last day, it was an absolute joy, even with the long drives in between the gigs with the guys in the back teasing Contie and I about our terrible navigational skills ( which I can proudly say weren’t!)

There is nothing to compare to playing to an appreciative audience with your best mates beside and behind you and the comradeship we felt with the FM guys and wonderful crew made it even better - we thank them so much for all the support and love! Our James and Contie never ceased to amaze us with their energy and good spirits – you are an integral part of our team and we thank you for it -you are both stars in your own right.

It was also fantastic to meet in person a lot of the people who follow us on social media sites and also to see our old friends who have supported us through the years - without you, none of this would have happened. To finish , I would just like to say that I hope that we will be able to do many more tours like this and that we can carry on making music that we are proud of and that you love - hopefully see you all very soon - love Leigh xxx

“I had a great time, it was lovely to see the band pulling together and developing as a unit. Leigh is singing better than ever (if that's possible), Craig is stretching out more as a virtuoso, Wellsy reminded me of the old Wellsy back in the day , like a young pup reborn, flamboyant and powerful.

Volker is a joy to have around, lifts the band spirit, looks great on stage and adds so much as a musician ( when he's not slamming his hand in the bus door and scalding his foot with hot tea) Contie and James Ridley (our crew) are just the best, going beyond the call of duty at all times.
Thank you all Ed x

“This tour was a fantastic blast from day one. FM and No Hot Ashes are all lovely people who did everything to make things go smoothly every night - gear was moved by everyone - nobody had an ego that wouldn't let them muck in and that is quite rare on a lot of tours. Adrian (FM Manager) was very helpful and generous to us, so big thanks to him also.

Great fun, great shows, and above all great audiences, what more could we want? Better Sat Nav maybe girls? (wink wink)