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Diamond Rock Club

It must be admitted that the focus of attention on the beer bus en route from Belfast to the depths of the Antrim hills was not on the music which awaited its passengers at the other end, but rather on the small matter of the outcome of a certain football match.  For our carriage had left the city centre just as the final whistle of normal time had sent the FA Cup final into its additional half an hour of play, meaning that three-quarters of those gig-bound spent the journey scrambling for ‘phone and internet signals to catch the precious closing stages… and, by and large, those concerned were happy little revellers when the coach pulled up outside the doors of the DRC and disgorged its contents into the night air and up the venue’s stairs for the first ever visit to Northern Ireland by Romeo’s Daughter.


Manchester Academy 3

My affinity with Romeos Daughter goes back a bit….to 1989 to be precise. It was an eventful day. It was to be the first time that I was going to see my beloved FM on the Tough It Out Tour at The Royal Court Theatre. It very nearly didn't happen. The car broke down on the way, and somehow I managed to fix it and get going. I'm crap with anything - great at taking things apart, Shite at putting them back together . It was to be a very good omen. The support on the TIO tour was from Romeo’s Daughter. I'd never heard anything by Romeo’s Daughter, and on this night I was completely blown away. So my adoration for seeing Romeos Daughter live, is about ninety minutes longer than my love for seeing FM


The Borderline, London (UK)

The renaissance of Romeo’s Daughter has been one of the unlikeliest stories in rock of recent years. After reforming after a 15 odd year break for Firefest in 2009, subsequent tours with FM then led to a couple of fresh albums and – on the evidence of this healthy Friday night London crowd – they are now playing to bigger audiences than when trying vainly to make the big time first time around.


Spin Review - Burn Magazine

Translation from the original Japanese:

Romeo’s Daughter, a British band debut in 1988 with an album called “Romeo’s Daughter” produced by John Matt Lange, released a new album.

The band stopped activities in 1995 and was reunited in 2009. The album is 2nd for them after reunion. In spite of long absence, the gap was not felt at all. Rock is still there rendered by Leigh Matty’s sexy vocal backed by her technique. Pop and moist vocal melody and crunchy sound of guitar come together well in the new album and they are so comfortable.


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