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Released: 2012

‘Rapture’, released in 2012, is the band’s third long awaited album. It captures all of Romeos Daughters’ style and verve and is full of superbly crafted songs. With a gap of the best part of 20 years between Rapture and Delectable, this album firmly brings Romeo’s Daughter into the 21st century. It was written in the most by guitarist Craig Joiner and co produced with Ed Poole, the band’s bass player. The album has received critical acclaim, with the first single released from it, ‘Bittersweet’, reaching Classic Rock Magazine’s 'Top songs of 2012' chart.

Here are some of the reviews:

‘Rapture might sound a shade warmer and less clinical though it doesn’t wander too far from to the hi-tech, pop-infused formula that served to make that record (the band’s first album) such a cult favourite. Having retained all of its silken sultriness, Matty’s voice is adaptable enough to cover the unexpectedly rootsy Bittersweet and the sinewy, teasing Trippin’ Out, the latter of which sees her purring playfully: ‘It’s only when you’re sleeping/That you can have your way with me’.

 [8/10]  - Dave Ling Classic Rock Magazine, May 2012

‘The album might be melodic rock-lite and fairly laid back overall, but what a lush sound and what captivating songs. 12 tracks over 44 minutes without a dull second – simply a wonderful, brilliantly created album chock full of melodic songs of the highest calibre.’

Melodic Rock, April 2012

‘Rapture’ seems like part 3 of the RD Musical trilogy. And it’s what any part 3 should be…the visceral emotional impact of the early stuff has been replaced by maturity and artistry. ‘Rapture’ ambles rather than races. It’s full of poise and pathos, memorably melodic hooks and inventive arrangements.

[9/10] - Brian McGowan, Midlands Rock, March 2012

Available as 180g LP from Renaissance Records: Order Rapture (180g LP)

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