Translation from the original Japanese:

Romeo’s Daughter, a British band debut in 1988 with an album called “Romeo’s Daughter” produced by John Matt Lange, released a new album.

The band stopped activities in 1995 and was reunited in 2009. The album is 2nd for them after reunion. In spite of long absence, the gap was not felt at all. Rock is still there rendered by Leigh Matty’s sexy vocal backed by her technique. Pop and moist vocal melody and crunchy sound of guitar come together well in the new album and they are so comfortable.

Unlike debut album, acoustic guitar is employed in the new album so as a whole, the album sounds a little mild but it cannot be expressed just mild. Dry sound with beat effectively stimulate us. The album contains an aspect of vibes of adult.

Written by Kawai, Burn Magazine

(Published in Japan)


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