Leigh Matty and the boys hit the stage to rapturous applause, it's like they have never been away.The Glasgow crowd really enjoy a good night of music and I believe they are in for a real treat tonight.

Trippin Out is first up, Firstly we get hard pounding drums followed by a great little hook that instantly has you tapping along, In comes the vocals that are strong and instantly recognisable and the son g flows along accompanied  by haunting keyboards and a fantastic little solo to take us home, what a start to the show.

Attracted is next- Leigh's strong vocals kick us off followed by an uptempo guitar riff, the drums come in with a great bass hit then snare drum fills the air with the distinctive sound that is familiar to all who know a Romeo's Daughter tune, great little song.

Velvet -  keyboards start us of and flow through this track giving it a steady beat, drums come it and compliment the vocal harmonies perfectly, this is another toe tapper that has you smiling as you listen to Leigh's fabulous vocals, the crowd are swaying from side to side and singing along to this little belter of a tune, Leigh is chatting to the crowd telling us it's great to be back as they have not played in 18 months due to illness within the band, this being their second break having not done any shows from 1993 to 2009, but say it's great to be back performing where they belong.

Radio - Leigh's vocals kick in followed by a nice little guitar hook and a great little harmony that's really rather good,guitar solo and snare drum provide a perfect middle section to this catchy little tune, the band are really tight considering they have been away for such a long time.

Bittersweet - Harmonious guitar starts off followed by smooth vocals( almost Sharleen Spiteri ish) take you on a journey almost like closing your eyes as if you were there with the guys as they take you through this great little tune, sounds great live, nice vocal, nice guitar riff and polished drums, what's not to like.

Alive - This tune packs a punch with it's smooth guitar riff that is wrapped around Leigh's incredible vocal tones, another swayer to tap along to, punchy drums are all through this track and it instantly puts a smile on your face, well mine anyway.Leigh again thanks the audience for coming out to see them perform and the crowd respond with rousing applause.

Enemy- A ballad of sorts, heavy bassline kicks in then we get smooth vocals and a nice little drum beat,guitar solo trickles throughout the the middle section and strong pitchy vocals make this a crackin little tune.

Already Gone - The guys take it up a notch with heavy guitar lines starting us off, a drum beat that works perfectly with Leigh's soulful vocal, it has a killer bass line flowing throughout that is quite infectious couple that with a great little solo to end it with a deft touch which makes this a stand out track for me.

Have Mercy - comes like a juggernaut with a heavy infused bass that has the hairs standing on the back of your neck, strong smooth vocals take you along this path wondering where you will end up, you can feel the 90 influence throughout this track which I am sure most of the audience remember very well.

Inside Out - Catchy keyboards start us off followed again by a real kicker of a bassline, quirky vocals make it feel like it is right out of the 80's, nice little tune which has the crowd nodding along and thinking back to the 80's and remembering how good they really were, crackin number.

Cry Myself - Haunting vocals come in accompanied with a heavy influenced bass drum kick and keyboards, the vocal range within this tune a fabulous again another 80's style infused track, myself only hearing Romeo's Daughter for the second time tonight must say I am quite taken with how good they really are, a good guitar solo to round off the track is a perfect way to almost bring the show to a victorious close, I am sure the band are quite pleased with how the night has gone and how well received they were.

Heaven( In The backseat) - Haunting keyboards come in coupled with a nice little guitar riff flowing through the whole track, a heavy bass drum is holding this track together, vocals are smooth and on point, the crowd appreciate this track by the constant roars of applause showing appreciation for a bunch of musicians who clearly like what  they do.

Colour You A Smile - This is another ballad style tune, acoustic guitar leads this softer styled tune with a great harmony running through it, it is quite simply smooth as silk to listen to, flowing vocals complete a nice little tune to take us home with a smile on your face, if you are with a loved one this is the perfect track to be with someone to.share this song with .

Wild Child -Heavy bass drum beats start the final track off, in comes a nice little riff accompanied by haunting keyboards, Leigh's vocals fade in, strong and to the point and full of soul, this track has a fantasic beat to it that is quite infectious, solo comes in and the crowd are going wild themselves, the guys are bringing to a close a very good night that has been had by all, Romeo's Daughter have been away for far too long and by the crowd reaction I think they will be back in the not to distant future.

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