After what seems like an eternity, with lineup changes, Guitarist Craig Joiner suffering a heart attack and the pandemic getting in the way, Romeos Daughter return with their follow up to 2015's "Spin".

We start in true Romeos Daughter style Craig Joiner releasing a catchy riff and Leigh Matty's smouldering, breathy vocal pouring sophistication throughout "Over You". The acoustic led, "Everything" comes next which builds into a beautifully crafted positive love song with just enough edge to keep things rocking.

"How Does It Feel" is a slower but still meaty affair as Matty's vocal and the instruments all have room to breathe. Joiner lets rip with a sweet soaring lead break mid-song. Again, nothing is overblown, just mixed with care. "Inseparable" raises the stakes as an out and rocker. Thick chunky rhythms sit under an infectious, crunchy riff which is all topped off by a gritty tone by Matty and a multi voice chorus. This is classic Romeos Daughter running at maximum impact.

Dreamy synth pads and acoustic guitar introduce "Rumour". This is a simple slow track that is driven mainly by Matty's articulate voice until mid-song when or a short while Joiner raises the energy with another mighty solo before we return to the more demur level. Get your ears ready for the earworm that is "Thinkin' About You". If it's not the gripping riff underpinning this mighty rocker that gets you then the hook line will! This is one awesome track!

"Time Of Your Life" sits twixt a Supertramp track and a modern country song with a sing along chorus and a more basic arrangement. "Good Man Gone Bad" shifts the tempo back up a gear as the driving bass line and flanged guitar sound pushes the momentum along as Leigh Matty stretches her vocal chords brilliantly.

"I'll Make A Man Out Of You" sees Matty pour every emotion into this vocal performance making this track hit home just as hard as Joiners blistering fretboard work does here. We end with "Fake" which has a feel of a Boston or Rush track with its thumping bass and punchy guitar but once you hit the chorus all stops are pulled out and it turns into a real fist punching, crowd jumper of a track. Simply glorious!

Leigh Matty and the boys know the winning formula for a Romeos Daughter release and haven't gone far off piste with this album, but what they have done is craft ten songs, that stand up well on their own, with their own musical personality, but when sat together they make this a sparkling piece of work that sees the band on top form and loving what they do. I for one can't wait to hear some of these songs sung live! 9/10

Review by Paul Sabin

Metal Planet Music

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